While you might vacuum every week, you should know that there are still a lot of contaminants hiding deep in your carpets. Carpets typically appear clean. That is why a lot of homeowners choose to ignore professional deep cleaning. They believe that they don’t need it. 


However, there are a lot of contaminants hiding in plain sight. These sneaky particles can influence the health of your family and affect the indoor air quality of your house.  

For those who don’t know, professionals recommend deep cleaning your carpet every 6-12 months. If you haven’t cleaned your carpets for a long time, make sure you hire professional Seattle carpet cleaners right away.  

Why? Because these things might be hiding in your carpet: 

Drink and Food Residue 

As a general rule, you need to clean drinks and food spilled on the carpet right away. It’s not enough to just take care of the surface stain. The traces that penetrate the fibers are ideal food for bugs and bacteria. It is extremely crucial that you clean spills right away after they happen.  

These measures will keep the carpet clean. It will also stop it from accumulating a foul smell. It also helps lower the risk of dangerous pests finding a home inside.  

Mildew and Mold 

Mildew and mold quickly grow in wet carpets. This is particularly true if it is located near a water source. Your carpets become the ideal breeding ground for mildew and mold growth if your house has had flooding, a leaky pipe, or any form of water damage.  

If this is the case, you should immediately hire a professional carpet cleaner. With this, you can lower the damage to your carpet and get rid of any possible health concerns that might arise from the accumulation of stagnant water.  

Dead Skin, Hair, and Dander 

Aside from dead skin, dander and pet hair can attract dust mites, ticks, and fleas that can burrow deep in the fibers of your carpet. You shouldn’t allow these pests to lurk in your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning service can get rid of the things that these bugs feed on. 

Usually, this problem is extremely common with pet owners. Our pets shed fur. Oftentimes, it is deposited in the carpet. If you don’t clean your carpets regularly, a couple of the hair will be trapped between the fibers. This can be a severe issue for individuals suffering from respiratory issues.  


The deadliest threat found in your carpet is something that you cannot see. These are bacteria. Bacteria can be trapped inside the carpet and can make a person sick. The truth is that your carpet probably has 40,000 times more bacteria compared to your bathroom.  

The soles of your shoes and your pets can track in bacteria. The carpet produces the ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria. This is particularly true if you don’t clean it regularly.  

Thus, if you don’t want you or your loved ones to get sick, make sure you regularly clean your carpets